Think globally, and act locally.

Global climate change, changes in international affairs, developments in information and communication technology, and social changes are affecting local businesses.

We must reaffirm the intellectual assets that have been inherited by the region, and continuously develop local businesses by formulating appropriate strategies and responding to environmental changes.


Uehara Business Consulting
Norihisa Uehara

I am a management consultant living in Sapporo, providing consulting related to marketing management.

I was raised at Kutchan-cho in Hokkaido, where there is Mt. Yotei (also known as Ezo Fuji) and NISEKO (a famous ski resort).

Business description

1. Intellectual asset utilization support

2. HR evaluation system creation support

3. Support for building a compliance system

4. Business succession support

5 Support for management improvement plan formulation

6 Others


agriculture, retail, restaurant, wholesale, construction, manufacturing business

My career and qualifications:

I was born in Hokkaido, Japan, and graduated faculty of law, Hokkaido University,

a registered Smaller Enterprise Consultant (METI No. 401835), a Support agency for business innovation (support agencies ID106101000310), 2nd grade Certified Specialist of Intellectual Property Management (MHLW No. IP1920003043), Information Security Management Examination passer (METI No. SG-2018-04-00137), TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) 935 points (IIBC),

a member of Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant Association(J-SMECA), a member of Japan Management Diagnosis Association (JMDA), and a member of Hokkaido EU Association.